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We used the program ”Sailcloth book” of firm ”Dimension-Polyant” and used our experience for choice of sailcloth for your sails. ”Dimension-Polyant” is leader of the world sailcloth market. We offered to produce your cross cut sails from TNF sailcloth with weight of cloth from 140 to 470 g/sq.m. This cloth are specially constructed economy. But the cloth have got high quality and comfortable handling.

We offered to produce your cruise tri-radial spinnaker from clothes CHS with weight from 32 to 90 g/sq.m.

Круизные паруса - базовая модель грота A basic model of main sail included:

  1. One reef-line.
  2. Complete of battens
  3. Leech-line
  4. Anodized aluminum headboards
  5. Pressing “Rutgerson” rings
  6. Sailbag
Круизные паруса - базовая модель стакселя A basic model of head sail included:

  1. Leech-line
  2. Pressing “Rutgerson” rings
  3. Synthetic luff-line
  4. Sailbag
Круизные паруса - базовая модель спинакера

A basic model of spinnaker included

  1. “Rutgerson” rings
  2. Sailbag